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The Same Moon (Journey To The West Book 1)


  • Junying Kirk


  • Contemporary
  • Literary
  • Romance
Pearl Zhang was born in Sichuan Province in China, and grew up during the Cultural Revolution. She was raised in a typically Chinese manner, went to school, got a job, got married, and her whole life path was mapped out, or so it seemed.

Then she seized the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom - and stayed. How did she adjust to the Western way of life, and what did she have to do to overcome the barriers? Would she find happiness and fulfillment with her English suitor in Scotland, or would her heartache continue? She was in a new world, both foreign and exciting - under the Same Moon.
This book, the first of Junying Kirk's "Journey to the West"Trilogy, will take you on a journey full of surprises and discoveries, from the East to the West, from the Middle Kingdom to the United Kingdom.
"What a book, what a life!" - Mira Kolar-Brown, Author (UK);
"The characters, clearly painted and unique, are so visually present in the readers mind, they will stay with you long after you're done reading." - Marni Mann, Author (USA);
"This is a real gem in the modern literature world and will definitely be one proudly displayed on my bookshelf if it ever becomes a paperback" - A.Tran, Reader (UK);'
"Let this wonderful novel fall into your hands, enter your heart, and enrich your life and after you have finished it, thank Junying for taking you to a truly unforgettable journey through time and space." - Bin Yuan, Reader (China)