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Scouting For Murder (The Verity Long Mysteries Book 3)


  • Lynda Wilcox


  • Women Sleuths
  • Cozy
The third in the Verity Long series of comedy mysteries

Be Prepared …for murder!

When Verity Long agrees to take a friend's daughter to Brownies, what she expects is to drop the child off and spend a quiet evening in her favourite wine bar. Instead she finds a hysterical Brown Owl and a corpse in the Scout hut.

But Verity, researcher for a best-selling crime novelist, has made a career out of being curious. Determined to investigate, Verity seizes the chance to cook for the Brownies' imminent holiday at a nearby Scout campsite in her search for the truth.

Sacrificing her customary gourmet diet to serve up sausages and pizzas might be tough for the amateur sleuth with a fondness for murder, men, and Merlot; it is child's play compared to unravelling the dark secrets of the Scout group.

With dead Scout leaders piling up around her and a killer still keen to earn their Murder badge, Verity is about to become the next victim of a madman Scouting For Murder.