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The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book (for Novelists and Creative Nonfiction Writers)


  • Beth Barany


  • Personal Transformation
  • Authorship
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Specialty Boutique
  • Personal Growth
A Self-Coaching Guide to Writing Your Book Considered by writers to be a spiritual guide to writing your book from an experienced author and coach.

A home study coaching guide and workbook

A Hero's Journey adaption with you the author as the hero in your own journey/adventure of writing your book

“Beth Barany’s kind, passionate approach to all things writing is such a refreshing change from others that shout ‘Do This’ or ‘Read My Book’.” -- Sharon Hamilton, bestselling romance author

"It's like having a writing coach at your side." -- Stephanie Beeby, author & coach

Do you have a book inside you that can’t find its way out?

Are you having trouble even getting started on your book writing journey?

The Writer’s Adventure Guide helps you step off into the unknown of a writing project and see it through to its destination -- from the first exciting flash of an idea to that dark moment when you think you’ll never write a decent paragraph again.

This 164-page guide gives you tips and tools for keeping an eye on your inner landscape so you can achieve your goal of writing a book.

In 12 clear, organized steps, find out how you can:
-- Build confidence in your writing instincts
-- Forge a clear path from inspiration to completion
-- Learn how to write the book while living your active life
-- Delight in the creative adventure, both its ups and downs
-- Complete your novel or nonfiction book

What this book is not: A guide to craft.