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The Adventure of the Missing Better Half: A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery (New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Book 38)


  • Craig Stephen Copland


  • Traditional Detectives
  • Historical
THE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSING BETTER HALF. Did you ever wonder what happened to Godfrey Staunton, the missing Three-Quarter, after Holmes tracked him down and found him, racked with sobs and bitter grief, beside his beloved deceased wife? This story tells you. His life got much better. He met an exceptional young woman, Millicent Brocklehurst, and fell in love, and got married. He was chosen to play on England's National Team in the 1899 Home Nations Championship games. Life was good. ... and then it got much worse. Bribery, beating, murder and more. He comes back to Sherlock Holmes in desperation. Together -- Godfrey Staunton, Dr. Leslie Armstrong, Dr. Watson, and Sherlock Holmes -- must stop an unspeakable crime taking place. Will they succeed in time? Will Godfrey's life be changed forever? This 38th New Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a tribute to The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarter. Buy it now and enjoy.