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3rd Degree Murder


  • Olga Swan


  • Traditional Detectives
  • Murder

A university intrigue.

A prestigious Vice-Chancellor receives two formal complaints just before he is due to retire.

The underlying theme throughout weaves a potent, cultural mix between Maliha, a Muslim student, and Jenny, a Jewish secretary. How will they get on, especially working for the same hated professor, Axel Sloan?

Whilst studying for her PhD, Maliha suffers a horrifying rape at university. How will she be able to cope? At the same time, Jenny suffers constant anti-semitic remarks.

Also embroiled in the intrigue are a family at war with modern society, two disgruntled lecturers, a Vice-Chancellor with a secret and a crazy office cleaner. So, in the end, who actually killed Professor Axel Sloan?

3rd Degree Murder – a tale of revenge and blackmail; indeed a dish best served cold.