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Falcon Blue: A New Myth from Ancient Greece (The Child of the Erinyes Book 6)


  • Rebecca Lochlann


  • Mythology & Folk Tales
  • Magical Realism
  • Fairy Tales
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Seeking escape from the brutality of war, Cailean journeys into the wilderness at land’s end, but instead of peace and solitude he finds conspiracy, evil, and a love that makes any sacrifice worthwhile.

When Eamhair was young, her sibylline mother predicted a king would rise out of the sea and take her away from her father and brothers. She walks the cliffs, dreaming of a new life and the lord of the seolhs.

Taranis succumbs to the relentless lure of a vision, chasing it all the way to his destiny at the outer boundaries of the earth.

What seems the end is only the beginning