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The Breaking of Liam Glass



  • Lawyers & Criminals
  • Satire
  • Humor & Satire
  • Crime
A darkly gripping and constantly entertaining satire of today’s media. Jason Worthington, frustrated journalist, desperate to sell his soul, if only someone will buy… Andy Rockham, sleep-deprived detective constable whose one mistake could cost him his job, unless he finds someone to pin it on… Jamila Hasan, loyal politician who will lose her seat at the coming election unless she discovers a principle to stand for… …And Katrina Glass, single mother, whose only child went out to get cash and never came back… Their stories weld together on a mixed-up, mixed-race Central London estate when white teenager Liam Glass is stabbed and left in a coma. And Jason is handed a once-in-a-lifetime ticket to tabloid heaven… Not so much a Whodunnit as a blackly comic What-They-Did-After-It. International award-winning film writer-director and best-selling non-fiction author Charles Harris hooks the reader from start to finish with this dazzlingly sharp and moving tapestry of modern life set at a time when phone-hacking was just a small cloud on the horizon. If you liked Capital, Catch 22 and Bonfire of the Vanities you’ll love The Breaking of Liam Glass.