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The Breaking of Liam Glass



  • Lawyers & Criminals
  • Satire
  • Humor & Satire
  • Crime
"An intensely addictive page turner" - Liz Love Books, Latest Reads"A brilliant satire on modern Britain" - Fully Booked, Between the Covers"One of the tensest books I've read in some time" - Robert ParkerFINALIST: WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDSTake an inner city estate, knife crime, an over-ambitious wannabe tabloid journalist and a dodgy PR agent - then add the police, restless locals and a riot - and you have a fast moving satirical thriller that exposes the underbelly of modern urban life.When the secret love-child of a famous footballer is stabbed, local newspaper journalist Jason Crowthorne teams up with celebrity PR agent Tony Potts to embellish the story and land Jason a dream job on a national tabloid and gain Potts publicity for one of his biggest clients.What could possibly go wrong?But soon their fake news story spirals out of control, and Jason finds himself on the run from the police, sparking violence and endangering the young victim's life.Best-selling author and film-maker Charles Harris takes you on a fast-paced ride through London in the twenty first century, with black humour and a cast of vivid characters...If you liked Catch 22, Bonfire of the Vanities and Capital you'll love The Breaking of Liam Glass