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The Breaking of Liam Glass



  • Lawyers & Criminals
  • Satire
  • Humor & Satire
  • Crime
"An intensely addictive page turner" - Review, Liz Barnsley, Latest Reads
"Charles Harris draws his dagger and spares no-one" - - Review, David Prestidge, Fully Booked
"One of the tensest books I've read" - Review, Robert Parker, crime author, A Wanted Man, Morte Point


What would you risk for success?

Experienced journalist Jason Crowthorne is desperate - his career's in tatters, his love life on the rocks and his finances a disaster. In one frantic last bid to turn it all around, he cheats his way onto a secure hospital ward and stumbles on the scoop of his career - one that could get him onto front pages across the country.

But first the story needs a small tweak... and then another...

Before long, Jason is on the run from the police, sucked into a vicious spiral of lies that threaten his career, his family and ultimately his life.

Best-selling author Charles Harris hooks you from the start as he takes you on a tense cinematic ride in this gripping London thriller.

See what readers are saying about this best-seller:

Witty and up-to-the-minute thriller set in modern London.
Karel Bata 5 stars

Noir, gritty and fast-paced... a classic, gripping, pulp-fiction that immediately engages the reader
Natalie Massone 5 stars 

Brilliantly written, I couldn't put it down. Loved it
Paulette McLatchieon 5 stars

Very entertaining read - full of surprises. 
Luna 5 stars

An interesting and intelligently written book which makes some serious points with humour and irony - often the best way to do it. Very topical, and provides a thought-provoking insight into our society today. Recommended.
Regular Amazon Customer 5 stars

You will find it hard not to be seduced by this unlikely hero.
Myrna 5 stars