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The Fool and The Magician


  • Jennifer Loiske


  • Holidays
Gwendolyn didn’t believe in magic. Or at least she pretended not to, but when she saw the old tarot cards on the table, she felt the light flicker in her heart. The Fool, The Magician and The Lovers… the ultimate card for love. Maybe, just maybe, there was a hint of magic in Christmas after all. Maybe this time she was ready to give in to it.

Elisabeth didn’t want to see her granddaughter spend another Christmas alone. Not, when she had handsome landlord at hand’s reach. Not, when she could actually do something about it. However, she knew she had to be clever, as Gwendolyn would never agree to meeting the, man, if she knew her grandmother had her fingers in the soup.

Connor had never seen his grandmother so excited over a man. So when she proposed a devious plot to get his sister and the mysterious man together, he was in. Not only that, he was ready to move mountains to play Amor and see his sister happy.