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Health: The Decisive Self Preservation Medical Manual for Disasters

Are you interested in survival and self preservation related books?

Do you have a love for outdoor activities or sports? Also,are you interested in preparing yourself for natural disasters or medical emergencies, and are you interested in Safety& First Aid?  

If so, this Emergency Medical Services guide is perfect for you and your families and friends protection when faced with a disaster or medical situation. 

In this day and age most people would not know what to do in an emergency situation, whether it’s an emergency at home, in the work place, on the streets or in a disaster, however, it is important to be prepared for these types of scenarios, as they could save lives. 

This particular medical guide focuses on providing the average everyday person the basic knowledge and skills to manage illnesses and injuries in case there is no professional medical assistance at hand due to a catastrophe. Our aim is to provide individuals basic medical, first aid and self-defence skills which can be utilised in an emergency situation, natural disaster, when there is no assistance is available. 

The Decisive Self Preservation Medical Manual for Disasters is no nonsense,plain text manual that focuses on a number of self preservation and medical situations linked to preserving and protecting life during catastrophes and outbreaks.  We also indulge in the medical materials,general tools and skills required for an individual to develop into a great community and family resource, plus, substitute methods and organic strategies if you ever find yourself in a dire emergency situation or disaster.

The Decisive Self Preservation Medical Manual for Disasters IS PERFECT FOR ANYONE INTO OUTDOOR activities like, camping, walking, rock climbing,sports, travelling and all other everyday situations. This medical guide is designed to have you prepared and ready on your toes and predicts what could take place if an emergency strikes and you don’t know what to do and have to wait for the emergency series, which usually take a long time, and that’s if there’s any available at all like in disaster scenarios.