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Clive James: The Legendary Articulate Literary Critic & TV Presenter

Clive James – Is the Australian novelist, editor & TV Hoist who wrote memoirs, plus, some albums. Clive James lived & worked in the UK as a presenter & was known for his hilarious antics. Clive James changed presenting in the ‘80s with cultural commentating.

Are you a fan of comedians, novelists and Television Presenters?

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If so, The Legendary Reliable Literary Critic & TV Presenter is perfect for you.

Clive James was born during turbulent times, as it was 1939, the start of World War II. As a young boy, he grew up in Australia, however, during his later life he decided to move to the UK, where he became Britain’s best presenter and was the equivalence to (Johnny Carson), who was the legendary American comedian who was on television in the 1980’s!

Clive James was the winner of multiple journalism and broadcasting awards, and he also served as an advisor to Prince Charles of Great Britain and Diana of Wales.

His often inexpressive style reached its peak in the 1980's with the Clive James on Television program, in which he presented videos about absurd programs, particularly one of Japanese competitions called Endurance.

While he was comfortable writing about intellectual and low-profile culture, his self-critical Unreliable Memories memoir was a bestseller with dozens of editions.

James acted as an informal adviser to Prince Charles of Great Britain and his ex-wife, Princess Diana, some of what he wrote in an honest portrait of his friendship and Diana's popularity phenomenon after his death in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Clive James - The Legendary Articulate Literary Critic & TV Presenter is biography that explores his great life and show-business career and discusses his climb to fame and his later fight with ill health before his untimely death.