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Karl Lagerfeld – Was the amazing German fashion designer, creative director & artist. Karl Lagerfeld was also known as a caricaturist & photographer who lived in Paris, France! Karl Lagerfeld was born on 10/09/1933 & was the creative director of Channel.

Karl Lagerfeld is most known for his cool fashion and working for Channel, but he also has a character and is a fun person which makes him lovable like the fashion crafted by Channel. The Fashion World in My Hands focuses on Karl’s upbringing and background, plus his rise to power in the fashion world, and how his fashion has influenced the world. Plus, The Fashion World in My Hands, concentrates on Karl Lagerfeld’s polished, dicey, and in some cases shocking, annoying manner.

Karl Lagerfeld was a true master of fashion design while concurrently juggling two fashion powerhouses such as, Fendi and Channel, plus his own self styled ominous fashion empire, he has managed to continuously created a new image for the fashion world and on the cat walk and in the streets internationally for more than fifty years.

He surprises the world with his shocking but smart statements appear like sudden traffic and are often acted on by followers, fashion designers and clever in every way. Learn everything about, ladies, the latest fashion trends, his career with Channel, and how he has coped with being notorious. Karl Lagerfeld - The Fashion World in My Hands is great depiction of intelligence, and wisdom from the fashion industries coolest icon.