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Beastie Boys – Is a U.S rap band that rose to fame in the early 80’s with their distinctive Rap style & fashion. The Beastie Boys was produced by Def Jam Records & collaborated with Run DMC & made their mark on Hip Hop.

The Beastie Boys developed as a hardcore band from New York City in 1981when they hit it big time on the international stage and became Hip Hop super stars.

Beastie Boys - From Punk Rock to Hip Hop is a biography which focuses on the bands rise to stardom and funny stories from their teen years to full blown cool rap stars.

The Beastie Boys worked with Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons who released their hit album licensed to Ill which the first hip hop was recording to gain a number one spot.

However this was eclipsed by a rather untidy dispute when the Beastie Boys decided to leave Def Jam Records. It wasn’t until the band relocated to LA when they managed to reinvent themselves with the cross genre gem Paul’s Boutique.

Over the years the Beastie Boys has developed into an household name and they have also been recognised for their political stance and social activities, as well as produced great albums like, Hello Nasty, Check Your Head and their great Tibetan Freedom gig.

Adam “MCA” Yauch was the bands main man but due to cancer passed away, however, the band has been so influential on pop culture that they have become legendary.

If you like Hip Hop and cool rappers, Beastie Boys - From Punk Rock to Hip Hop is the perfect biography to learn about one of Raps best ever bands.