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Zero Gravity: Anna's Affair (Her Erotic Short Story)


  • TJ Conway


  • Science Fiction
  • Erotica
Everything Anna had done in her life had led her to the moment she boarded Russia’s Soyuz rocket on the Kazakhstan steppe. Were rumours about it being the world’s biggest vibrator true?

Risking her Astronaut career before it had really started was her still bigger challenge. Anna was heading to the International Space Station on her first six-month mission to tend experiments in space, but she’d planned for more.

Not one to sit back, Anna had always taken things into her own hands and this would be no different. It was no accident her youngest son’s burgeoning features and demeanour differed from those of her husband, Tim. Anna was a woman who knew how to get what she wanted.

Would her own extraterrestrial experiment be a success? Would Jacques, her charming French crewmate be up to the task? Would NASA find out?

Would she be shamed as a fallen woman, or would they see her for the Space Pioneer she really was? Was anything possible in zero gravity? Let Anna take you to the International Space Station and show you!