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Blood Drops: A Collection of Horror Short Stories


  • WB Welch


  • Occult
  • Short Stories
Includes story "Her" - along with three never before published works.

Whether we are following WB through a grim future where human meat is on the market or trailing slowly behind while she introduces us to Marie Laveua's daughter, you can be certain of one thing: you will be surprised. Meet the friend you didn't know Dahmer had; watch a young girl follow behind a mass murder attack, be witness to a small moment that ripples through families. The best and the most brutal of WB's works has been brought together in this all-too-believable collection.

Includes a total of eighteen tales.

Stories include:
- Her
- Undo
- Slipping
- Siren
- Alone in the House
- Antics
- House Arrest
- Mall Food
- Meat Aisle
- The Water Stain
- Heart Problems
- Laveau
- The Birth
- The Look
- Love/Death
- Beneath the Surface
- Nighttime Terror
- Girl in the Pink Coat