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Blood Drops: A Collection of Horror Short Stories


  • WB Welch


  • Occult
  • Short Stories
"Stories range from uncomfortable to down right disturbing. They capture the darker side of human nature. It’s like that instant when you pass over a bridge, and your mind briefly thinks about what it would be like to jump. That’s WB Welch’s style."
-J.M. Brister, Author of Dark Prison

"A brilliantly written collection of short stories along the lines of Stephen King and the Twilight Zone. WB Welch does an amazing job at pulling the reader into her stories, allowing you to get to know them even though they are short stories. Her writing is succinct, evocative and thrilling."
-Dawn Hosmer, Author of Bits and Pieces

"WB writes with a poet's soul as she weaves story after story of profound suspense, heart-pounding thrills, and sheer terror. She made me feel like I was there with each one of them, taking me into the mind of a killer, into the heart of an addict and into the room with Death."
-Shanna Swenson, Author of Abundance

Includes story "Her" - along with three never before published works.

Whether we are following WB through a grim future where human meat is on the market or trailing slowly behind while she introduces us to Marie Laveua's daughter, you can be certain of one thing: you will be surprised. Meet the friend you didn't know Dahmer had; watch a young girl follow behind a mass murder attack; be witness to a small moment that ripples through families. The best and the most brutal of WB's works has been brought together in this all-too-believable collection.

Includes a total of eighteen tales.

Stories include:
- Her
- Undo
- Slipping
- Siren
- Alone in the House
- Antics
- House Arrest
- Mall Food
- Meat Aisle
- The Water Stain
- Heart Problems
- Laveau
- The Birth
- The Look
- Love/Death
- Beneath the Surface
- Nighttime Terror
- Girl in the Pink Coat