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Half-Sized Cake: A Funny Story About Fractions (Funny Math Stories Book 5)


  • S.E. Burr


  • Fractions
  • Education & Teaching
  • Math
  • Elementary School

Does your child struggle with math? The secret to helping children learn is to make it fun.

Half-Sized Cake and the other stories in the Funny Math Stories series aid in learning by making math fun.

Half-Sized Cake:

  • Disguises tough math concepts in a funny story appropriate for elementary age kids.
  • Introduces how we use fractions in everyday life.
  • Helps kids understand the confusing concept that as the denominator gets bigger the fraction gets smaller, i.e. ¼ is smaller than ½.
  • Uses Simple illustrations done on graph paper to illustrate parts of a whole.
  • Access a free printable workbook for practice with fractions, percentages, and decimals at

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