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  • Jennifer Loiske


  • Short Stories
  • Paranormal
  • Single Authors
  • Demons & Devils
  • Teen & Young Adult
  • Romance
She didn’t believe in gorgeous mysterious guys who just happened to pop out of nowhere. Not when they were everything she’d daydreamed, and certainly not when they were some out-of-this-world, ridiculously handsome strangers. At least not before she met Dagon. A boy who rocked her world, literally, and made her question everything she used to believe was true.

Somehow Lillian’s holiday trip turned into the most exciting thing in her life instead of long, lonely walks on the beach whilst her so called spoiled friends were partying in Miami’s best nightclubs. Yet if she ever told a soul what happened to her, no-one would believe. No-one. As in a real-life demon did not appear from the sea, nor would they defy all odds just for a chance to kiss you…