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Nora From the Hollow


  • Marlena Owens


  • Historical
  • Cozy
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
In the fall of 1895, in the small town of Hollow Springs, there have been a string of murders. Most of these killings have happened during a fog, causing the townspeople to create superstitions around this naturally occurring event. This time it was Nora Lusk's husband, Lucius. Lucius wasn't perfect. He was actually far from perfect. This leads Nora to make a list of three people who were capable of killing her husband. Lucius was known for putting counterfeit money into the church's offering plate. Therefore, the angry Preacher Cliff is the first suspect. The second, Alice Mabe, was Lucius' lover. She seemed like the type who would kill someone for the simple reason that if she couldn't have them, no one could. Lastly, Silas Blanche, saw the way Lucius treated Nora and looked forward to the day he could treat Nora better. Yet, he couldn't do it with Lucius in the way. Ironically, when the town points their fingers at Nora, she and her beloved friends must work quickly to investigate the twists and tangles of the deep family rivalries, and the small town secrets of Hollow Springs, to clear her name! Just when you think you know what happened and why, another curve ball is thrown into the mix!