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Putting Down Roots in Kinsey Falls


  • Gayle Leeson


  • Single Women
  • Contemporary
  • Humorous
  • General Humor
  • Humor
Joanne Faraday comes to Kinsey Falls to find her birth parents. What she doesn’t expect to find is eccentric Greta Parker and her band of Silver Sleuths. The amateur “detectives” mistakenly think that Joanne is hiding something and start following her all over town. Joanne doesn’t know whether to be amused or horrified, but their antics are a welcome distraction from her own worries.

Greta Parker is absolutely certain that newcomer Joanne is up to something. Her best guess--and it's backed up by the Silver Sleuths--is that Joanne is planning some sort of heist. Thinking that Joanne might be in dire financial straits, Greta thinks maybe they can lure Joanne away from the dark side with the offer of a fund-raising bake sale.

But when Joanne’s and Greta’s worlds collide in an unexpected way, both women have to take stock of what they really want out of life …

Praise for Book One: Hightail It to Kinsey Falls

"If you need a break in your day from the stress and strife this is a perfect story for you... This author usually writes cozy mysteries. I am so happy she has now brought her wonderful writing style to Women’s Fiction. I am excited about this series and am anxiously awaiting book #2." - Lori Caswell, Dollycas' Thoughts

"This is a novella and not a cozy (even though the author does write cozies) but it was so enjoyable! I think what I liked best was the conversion of a former mall into micro apartments with retail on the first floor. I have read about this and think it is brilliant marketing and a great way to use an abandoned building. There were so many great characters in this story and I can only see more depth to the characters to be developed over future books. " - StoreyBook Reviews