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The Book of Enlightenment: 7 in 1 Bundle: Awake Untethered Soul & Energy, Open Third Eye, Balance & Activate Chakras, Get A Creative Mind, Success & Natural ... Beyond Spirituality (The Journey Within 8)


  • Surinder Leen


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Having Trouble Knowing and Getting Enlightenment?

Learn proven methods & secrets behind getting enlightenment in a straightforward fast pace.

Are you struggling with knowing and staying into an untethered soul, third eye, charkas, of getting power of body, mind and senses, staying into present moment all the time so that you become enlightened and complete your life journey easily with success? Are you struggling with pain in your life? In conclusion, do you want to be enlightened? If so, then, it is the time to go deep inside you. Let enlightened author Surinder Leen be your guide.
Proven methods in Surinder Leen’s bundle book provide you with meditations, examples, detailed explanations, tips, easy to adopt strategies to help you to know and stay into an untethered soul, third eye, chakras, power of your mind, body, and senses, your untethered energy and your permanent stay into the present moment to get enlightenment in a really fast way. If you follow proven methods written in bundle book, you will become enlightened. Just mere reading this bundle will make your enlightenment journey swift and advanced than your colleagues.
With this bundle, you will receive:

  • The Bitter Truth of Untethered soul

  • Why Third Eye is You

  • The Power of Chakras

  • How to Find Who You Really Are

  • The Power of Mind, Body, and Senses

  • The Untethered Human Energy

  • A Creative Guide to the Present Moment

In The Bitter Truth of Untethered Soul: The Journey Within Yourself, you will taste the bitter truth of your actual existence and will solve the mystery of the untethered soul that is very crucial to get success and enlightenment.
In Why Third Eye is You: The Science and Philosophy of Opening Your Third Eye, Its Benefits, Experiences, and Natural Enlightenment, all your imagination and fantasies of the third eye will disappear. It helps to reach the third eye directly without any confusion and get enlightenment.
In The Power of Chakras: How to Awaken, Balance, and Cure Chakras, Get Enlightenment and Heal Your Life, you can heal your mind, body, life and get enlightenment by balancing your defective chakras scientifically and logically. A healthy mind and body get fast and effortless success in life.
In How to Find Who You Really Are: Ask 10 Questions and Do 10 Meditations to Solve the Mystery of Who You Really Are, by asking questions and doing simple powerful meditations, you will certainly know who you really are if you are an open mind person. Once you know who you really are, you are enlightened.
With The Power of Mind, Body, and Senses: A Guide to Real and Natural Enlightenment Beyond Spirituality, you can beat the centuries-old spiritual conspiracy against you by clearing all illusions and mysteries of your mind, body, soul, consciousness, beyond mind, God, and spirituality. Really, you will be enlightened after it.
By receiving The Untethered Human Energy: The Journey from Suppressed Mind to Beyond Super Consciousness, you can get any success in life. With this energy, your life will start dancing, and it will never end.
In A Creative Guide to the Present Moment: A Powerful 25 Step Process to Get Ease & Comfort, A Creative Mind and Huge Success in Life, you can make your mind creative and present easily. The present moment is a door to enlightenment, ease & comfort, and massive success in life.

Surinder Leen’s ‘The Book of Enlightenment’: 7 in 1 Bundle is packed with proven, honest, straightforward without any sugar coating practical explanations, tips, secrets, and meditations for your enlightenment about your mind, body, senses, soul, consciousness, third eye, chakras, God, spirituality, untethered energy, who you really are, your creativity and massive success.

Buy all the 7 books in one bundle and become enlightened in a fast straightforward way.