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Vineyard Magic (Tales of Blythe Cove Manor Book 4)


  • Lorraine Bartlett
  • Shirley Hailstock
  • Kelly McClymer


  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Grape Expectations by Lorraine Bartlett
Young heiress Dolly Madison arrives on Martha’s Vineyard with an agenda to discover and taste the great wines of this picturesque island off the coast of Massachusetts … only to learn there are none. What she will find, however, is far more compelling—and could just change her life.

Brush Strokes by Shirley Hailstock
What would you call surviving a lightning strike? Michaela Manfred-Smith did just that. But what happened next would be considered a gift by most. For Michaela, it felt like a curse. The owner of a world-class art gallery could lose her reputation if her secret is discovered. Then famous artist, Zachary Cooper, calls her out of the blue and agrees to be the speaker and judge of her art show. In this romance, if Michaela trusts him with her secret will the magic disappear or will he reveal her gift?

Grapes of Wrath by Kelly McClymer
Chinch Teague is an experienced tour guide through wine country, but when her flighty partner leaves her to guide a tour on Martha's Vineyard, Chinch will need all the magic Blythe Cove Manor has to offer. Spoiled tour guests, an island without wineries, a handsome new billionaire who's thinking about investing in her right-on-the-edge of disaster business. It seems like a recipe for disaster. But Chinch is determined to pull it off no matter what.