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The Untethered Human Energy: The Journey from Suppressed Mind to Beyond Super Consciousness (The Journey Within Yourself Book 5)


  • Surinder Leen


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And you are responsible for it.

E = mc² is the Einstein’s famous equation. However, in your life, this formula has failed. You suppress many things in your life. Moreover, with it, you crush the complete circle of life energy. However, you can make it successful if you know how to channelize your life energy properly. You have many types of energy inside your body, but your sexual energy is the most powerful energy. But, most people suppress this energy.

However, you can convert this sexual energy into untethered human energy. So with it, you can travel a path from your suppressed mind to beyond super consciousness where a peak comes. That would be true and natural enlightenment. But you need to do something for it.

And for it, you can read this book: ‘The Untethered Human Energy: A Journey from A Suppressed Mind to Beyond Super Consciousness’

The focus of this book is on your sexual energy. After applying the strategies prescribed in this book, you will destine to untethered human energy. Moreover, you can use this energy to win any battle of your life in this modern competitive world. This book will provide a clear direction for your life as you will have a volcanic source of energy. This volcanic untethered human energy will make you laser focus in your life. You will undoubtedly meet your natural state of being that resides beyond super consciousness. It is a journey within yourself.

What are you waiting for as untethered human energy is waiting for you inside yourself to release and use it to get any success in life? Once you get this energy, it will become automatic.

Scroll up and press buy button to make your life a real practical one to get that automatic untethered human energy to achieve a real successful and enlightened life.