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The Bitter Truth of Untethered Soul: The Journey Within Yourself ( New Edition)


  • Surinder Leen


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  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Self-Help
  • Metaphysical Phenomena
  • Alchemy
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  • Agnosticism

New Edition


But you can never fail in the mysterious field of an untethered soul as it is you!

Your mind is thinking all the time. Sometimes, you want to stop it but feels helpless. Sometimes, you feel sad, and other time, you feel happy and rejuvenated. That is the nature of human mind.
But do you know you have an untethered soul within yourself that is beyond all these emotions and thoughts? Up to now, science has failed to reach it, but spirituality claims that it has reached it. And if someone follows spirituality, that person must achieve it. However, what the author of this book has found about the untethered soul is shocking for him. This finding is beyond both science and spirituality. And the author wants to share his discovery with the outer world.

So, here is the book: ‘The Bitter Truth of Untethered Soul: The Journey Within Yourself.’

When you reach the truth of untethered soul by reading this book, you will know that all spiritual findings are false about it. This book will open a new realm of your existence. Truth is bitter, and after reading this book, you must taste it. But, truth also makes you free and enlightened.

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