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The Power of Mind, Body, And Senses: A Guide to Real and Natural Enlightenment Beyond Spirituality (The Journey Within Book 1)


  • Surinder Leen


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An acid test to clear all illusions and mystique of mind, body, soul, consciousness, and enlightenment.

A river is flowing towards the ocean. It wants to meet the vast sea. And it will achieve it. A mind seeks its enlightenment is similar to a river wishing to meet the vast. Then, what is the problem in it? A river dies when it mingles with the ocean. But your analytical mind does not want to die. Instead, it wants its continuity. That is the problem. It uses everything including spirituality to make its continuity intact. But we can dodge this mind and can prepare it for its eagerness to merge into the vast. But how? Let’s explain in brief.
Although the mind is very clever but at one corner, it has a connection with the heart. Here you can mold it. And if heart part does not work, then the hard part that is our logic comes into the game. In conclusion, we use every weapon to mold the mind for its plunge into the vast, that is our existence. There is more.
It is clear that at last, this mind and body will automatically jump into the vast at the time of man’s death, but we want enlightenment before the actual death. Real enlightenment is death before the actual death occurs. And here comes the power of mind, body, and senses to help the analytical mind to reach real and natural enlightenment beyond spirituality. Spirituality proves as a water dam that binds the flowing water of a river for its selfish purposes. But if water of a river goes beyond a water dam means a mind goes beyond spirituality then it certainly meets the vast that is true and natural enlightenment.

The present book: ‘The Power of Mind, Body, and Senses: A Guide to Real and Natural Enlightenment Beyond Spirituality’ is all about the above journey from an analytical mind to real and natural enlightenment.

Your life is like a river wanted to meet the vast. And this book helps you to mingle with that vast that is your existence. This book helps to ‘Know Thyself.’

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