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Framed (A Novella of Suspense)


  • James Scott Bell


  • Romantic Suspense
  • Suspense
It's not every day you bleed to death...

Things have started to turn around for Jonathan Curtis. He's out of jail and staying clean. When a car restoration job shows up, it's right in Jonathan's wheelhouse. This could be the first step in his dream of opening his own auto-body shop.

A dream that shatters when the job turns deadly.

For Kris Boland, acting is what brought her to L.A. But when she rebuffs the sexual invitation of a top producer, her career begins to head south. Then her friend is arrested for a murder she is sure he did not commit. It's got to be a frame.

Or does it?

Somehow, Jonathan and Kris find each other, becoming the only hope each has of setting things straight before an innocent man is convicted ... or before a killer stops them both.