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Leon Cazador, P.I. (Collected short stories Book 6)


  • Nik Morton


  • Short Stories
  • Single Authors

Private Investigator Leon Cazador is half-English, half-Spanish and wholly against the ungodly.

In these fascinating fiction stories, based on real events, we glean an insight into Cazador’s past and the people he has rubbed shoulders with: his connections run wide and deep.

Cazador translated into English means hunter. He is a man driven to hunt down felons of all kinds, to redress the balance of good against evil. Sometimes, Cazador operates in disguise under several aliases, among them Carlos Ortiz Santos, and tries to hold back the encroaching night of unreason. He combats drug-traffickers, grave robbers, al-Qaeda infiltrators, misguided terrorists and conmen. Dodgy Spanish developers and shady expat English face his wrath. Traders in human beings, stolen vehicles and endangered species meet their match. Kidnappers, crooked mayors and conniving Lotharios come within his orbit of ire. Vengeful Chinese and indebted Japanese are his friends – and his enemies.

Leon Cazador fights injustice in all its forms and often metes out his own rough justice. It’s what he does.