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The Captive Knight


  • Lisa Ann Verge


  • Ancient World
  • Medieval

Another passionate romance full of love and adventure from a RITA-nominated author of eighteen novels

"Electrifying reading." --Rendezvous

"A spirited heroine, a chivalric hero--exciting and passionate." --Roberta Gellis, bestselling author of Masques of Gold

After her dowry castle is seized as a prize of war, Aliénor’s future is shattered. No dowry means no marriage, no escape from lifelong servitude, and no protection for her beloved, crippled younger brother. But everything changes when her father captures a prisoner: The very same rogue knight who stole her lands.

Jehan is the sole survivor of a family whose English sympathies have taken a grim toll, leaving him nothing but his sword and good name. Now, beaten and bloody in his enemy’s dungeon, he refuses to give up the stolen lands that have finally brought him a measure of security. Not even for the lovely, headstrong heiress forbidden to him by two warring kings—a recklessly brave woman his heart cannot ignore.

"Verge is a tale-teller whose writing is stunningly real." --Affaire de Coeur