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A Welcher in Whitefish (Spring Break Sleuths Book 3)


  • Eileen Gonzalez


  • Humorous
  • Mystery
  • General Humor
When Kat, Paco, Snow, Soraia, Tanekwa and Tashawn—collectively known as the Spring Break Sleuths—first arrive in Whitefish, Montana to spend spring break with Paco’s health-conscious sister Giselle, they figure that a lack of chocolate and potato chips will be the worst they’ll have to face. But soon enough, petty yet suspicious things start happening: a local woman blames Giselle for intimidating a librarian into not letting her use the library’s community room for her upcoming humanist meeting. The librarian in question is too nervous to confirm or deny the woman’s accusations, and the judgmental owner of a nearby secondhand shop seems a little too pleased about the whole affair. Can the Spring Break Sleuths get to the truth of the matter—and clear Giselle’s name—before school starts again?