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The Link Between Us: Managing the Apocalypse


  • C. J. Boyle


  • Military
  • Action & Adventure
  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Post-Apocalyptic
A brokenhearted ex-con tries to find her son in a post-apocalyptic world filled with vicious monsters.

“They evolved over the course of a few months. At first, they just looked different. They were still our brothers and sisters. They were still our husbands and wives...our children. But we knew it was coming. The day when they would complete the change. We all had the terrible premonitions in our heads. But what were we to do? Murder the ones who changed? Eliminate the perceived threat before it could come to fruition? No, everyone knew it would happen, but they weren’t sure that it would. Besides, how do you kill the ones you love? We waited.”

After a mummified cavewoman was found deep in the permafrost of Siberia, an ancient virus was released that soon evolved half of mankind into vicious monsters that feed on anything that moved. They were called Links. Not because scientists believed that the virus originated from ‘The Missing Link’ but because ordinary people liked to make fun of those who changed. As if those who had changed were the missing “Link.”

When the virus spread throughout the world, Kera was a prisoner at New Hope Prison. She already knew her son, Charlie, was a Link and worried about him every day. And then they changed. The transformation was completed and the thing that everyone was afraid of happened. The Links turned on their loved ones and shredded them. All Kera wanted was to get to Charlie but she was trapped in a locked prison with a bunch of monsters. She survived that first night with the help of the prison doctor and a brave guard but she took off as soon as she could. Her only goal was to get to her son. She needed to know the fate of Charlie.

But she couldn’t find Charlie and she lost all hope. She returned to the prison. But not alone.

People started to see her as their ray of hope. They looked to her for guidance and leadership. She became The Warden. She found it very hard to adjust to the new normal and went on many dangerous missions called ‘shopping sprees’ hoping that she'd eventually be killed. As time went by and more was learned about the Links, Kera finally realized that losing her son didn't mean her life was over.

Not very far away, inside Cheyanne Mountain Command, was an equally distressed leader named Colonel Cockran. He saw himself as the new leader of the country and he made it his personal mission to rid it of the Links no matter what the cost, no matter who he had to betray or kill to do it. He had the military and scientists at his disposal. Ordering the experiments to be conducted on Links and even offering up his wife as a guinea pig, Cockran soon finds himself teetering on the edge of sanity.

Their stories spiral around each other and eventually come to a spectacular conclusion. I would rate this book R17 because of violence, language, and sexual situations (not explicit).

Thanks for reading!