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The Crow Creek Box Set Vol. 1


  • Nya Rawlyns


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  • Gay Romance
The Crow Creek Series, Vol. 1:

ASH & OAK brings together two men separated by a continent, united by a mutual love for horses. Oak Richards is shy & reclusive, Ash MacBryde is domineering & territorial. When they meet sparks fly, igniting a firestorm of passion. But that passion requires gentling before two men, so alike, yet so different, can learn when to submit and when to take control.

PULLING LEATHER returns to Crow Creek Ranch where Jess Carpenter, an ex-rodeo champion who’s given up on love meets Lucas Santiago, a young wrangler with some anger management issues. The attraction is intense and mutual. But there’s a complication. Jess has a history with Ash MacBryde. Their reunion ignites a firestorm of passion that threatens Jess’ feelings for Luc and Ash’s bond with his married partner, Oak. Four men vie to hold onto the things they hold dear. Riding for the time. Riding for the glory. And it takes only one misstep to disqualify any one of them from the competition… and from love.

STRAPPING ASH brings the Ash MacBryde-Oak Richards saga to a stunning climax. Three men set out on a perilous journey through traps set not just by their enemies but by their own tangled emotions. And the only way the domineering possessive man and the gentle reclusive soul can find their way back to Crow Creek Ranch means learning that… sometimes it takes two wrongs to make it right.