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Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless (First Cuckolding Book 11)


  • Matt Coolomon


  • BDSM
Young Lisa and her boyfriend are spending the weekend with a family friend – a mature man who has taken an interest in Lisa coming of age in recent years. Lisa is curious about men with confidence. Evan talks her and her boyfriend into visiting a topless beach. Another older man and one of the boyfriend’s young buddies join in, and young Lisa gives in to the excitement of exhibitionism. The older men take advantage. The boyfriend and his buddy watch on and take pics.

The ‘First Cuckolding’ stories have two distinct themes: They are about pre-planned, voluntary cuckolding with the husband having some control (no domination & humiliation). They are about the events and discussions leading to the wife being shared and the first experience(s) – about tentative experimentation rather than seasoned, hard-boiled swingers in action.

This story, like all under the Matt Coolomon banner, contains high level, graphically depicted erotic scenes. The characters are consenting adults.