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Cupcakes Are Not a Diet Food (Another Round of Laughter Book 1)


  • David Bruce
  • Rosa Jones
  • Martha Farmer
  • Carla Evans
  • Brenda Kennedy


  • Cooking
  • Humor
  • Humor & Entertainment
  • Teen & Young Adult
While on a Caribbean Cruise and after numerous bottles of Moscato wine and several trips to the all-you-can-eat dessert bar, four sisters decided to write a book about their love affair with food and their experiences with diet disasters. With a combined 224 years of experience between the sisters, they consider themselves experts at diet failures.

Once the title of the book was decided, they eagerly disembarked the ship, headed home, and not very quickly began writing about their diet bloopers and failures.

After they discussed their work-in-progress with their older, and wiser, and normal-weight brother David, he realized the book was a fun idea, but it would need some insight into good nutrition and exercise and so he graciously or reluctantly (depends on who you ask) volunteered to add some of his wisdom and knowledge to the readers and to his sisters.