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Under the Wolf's Shadow: Saga of the Black Wolf, Book Four


  • A. Katie Rose


  • Epic
  • Sword & Sorcery
He must slay a monster.
Raine travels north with his companions, Tashira and Darkhan, to the frozen north. Through the great barrier that separates the living from the damned he must go. Into hell where he will meet the Guardian in battle and fight for the freedom of the wolves’ god, Darius. He had a vision he will die in this fight. Yet, should Raine fail, and the Guardian slay him before he can kill it, Darius shall never be free. And his beloved wolves will die out as a species. But the treacherous Ja’Teel sets his traps to ensnare him. And Raine must fight to keep not just himself alive, but his loyal friends as well.

She will fight at his side.
Pursued by a dark god bent on vengeance, Ly’Tana battles the evil Tongu and their daemon king. Accompanied by Rygel, Kel’Ratan, her Kel’Hallan warriors and the pack of enormous wolves she travels the high mountains, determined to find Raine. Ly’Tana, Beloved of the Gods, must elude the one god who wants her blood spilled. Fighting to remain one step ahead of death, she seeks only to fight beside Raine as he battles the Guardian. And if he should die on this quest, she wants only to die at his side.

He will stop at nothing.
The dark wizard Ja’Teel has invaded the holy mountain of the dragons, and snatched their most precious possession: the egg from which their next shaman will hatch. Unless Raine, Ly’Tana and Rygel are taken to him and King Brutal, he threatens to slay the infant. Should he kill the hatchling, the dragons are forever sundered from their divine Mother.

Thus begins Book Four of The Saga of the Black Wolf,
Under the Wolf’s Shadow