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  • Roger Smith


  • International Mystery & Crime
  • Crime
  • Noir
Nominated for France's Grand Prix de Littérature Policière 2017
One of Crime Fiction Lover's top 5 books of 2016

A dark tale of fate, revenge and violence in a country where wrong is the new right.

When the president of South Africa murders his wife in a fit of drunken rage he charges his most trusted henchman, the bloodthirsty Steve Bungu, with orchestrating a cover-up that pivots on blackmailing Joe Louw, a retired cop of impeccable ethics, to mount a fake investigation that'll clear the crooked head of state.

In a seemingly unconnected case, Investigator Disaster Zondi (Mixed Blood, Dust Devils) who, because of his criticism of the corrupt post-apartheid regime, has been banished to the fringes of law enforcement, is given the thankless task of traveling to the remote Kalahari Desert to arrest Magnus Kruger, a notorious white supremacist who rules over an Afrikaner-only enclave, for the slaying of a young black man.

As Louw and Zondi peel away layers of lies, hatred and festering secrets they reveal the connections that bind them, connections that reach back deep into the nightmare of South Africa's apartheid past.

Praise for Nowhere

"The truth behind the Rainbow Nation facade: a searing account of crime and corruption in South Africa." Top Five Books of 2016

"A terrifying picture of a post-apartheid South Africa mired in corruption." Le Figaro

"Smith's take on the Rainbow Nation delivers a knockout blow." Marianne Magazine

"With sharp writing and impeccable construction Smith paints a shocking portrait of South Africa." Le Parisien

"A compelling indictment of political corruption, this great novel grips you from the explosive first page." Nyctalopes

"Smith's brilliant new novel is written with a narrative propulsion that kept me reading into the night." Martin Stanley - The Gamblers Blog

"Nowhere is by far Smith's most intricate and byzantine novel yet, and also his most satisfying. Great novel. Great author." BenoîtLelièvre- Dead End Follies

Like a double shot of espresso; dark, bitter, and leaves a burn. Highly Recommended." Derrick Horodyski - Out of the Gutter