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A Long Shade


  • Corinne West


  • Historical
  • Literary
  • Sagas
  • Historical Fiction
The year is 1911 in drought-stricken rural Southern Alberta, and although times are hard, young Brian Dance’s future seems full of promise. But when tragedy strikes, one loss follows another, and words are spoken that can never be taken back. Many years later, as a grown man, Brian returns to the small town of his youth thinking he has left his past—and his pain—behind him. Instead, he finds that he is troubled about many things, in particular his deepening affection for the sister of an estranged childhood friend. Spiritually and emotionally bereft, he runs from the love he desperately needs. But a man can only go so far before coming to the end of himself.

Set against the stark beauty of the prairies and the lofty majesty of the Rockies, A Long Shade traces a journey from the burgeoning centers of a young province to the rarefied mountain retreats of affluent jazz-age internationals. West explores both our yearning for meaningful connection and the buried reasons that drive us to resist it.

“Graceful and eloquent. An inspiring tale filled with humorous and endearing characters, subplots, and a strong connection to place. The pieces of the story are stitched together with threads of kindness and decency, compassion and redemption.”
N.M. Jarrell, Before Fallen Timbers

“Page after beautiful page . . . irresistible Western Canadian historical fiction. An engrossing tale of love and loss woven into a richly compelling, bittersweet package.”
Great Historical Fiction