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Postcards from Terri: A Modern-Day Ghost Novel


  • Tony Richards


  • Ghosts
  • Paranormal & Urban
Terri Campion was everything to Steve when they were both at college, but she could only ever see him as a friend. She dropped out early, traveling the world and having great adventures, while Steve settled down to family life with another woman.

He never forgot about Terri though … and she wouldn’t let him. Because she sent him a postcard from every place she visited, constantly reminding him about the kind of life he could have lived.

But now Terri is dead, killed in a car accident just outside San Francisco. The trouble is that – after that – she starts appearing to Steve in his dreams. Side by side, they begin reliving all her old adventures, re-united again in the way he’d always hoped.

What is she really … just a figure in a dream? A ghost perhaps? Or maybe something far more powerful than that, since Terri was a follower of voodoo in her final years.

There is only one thing you can be completely sure of … Terri has some plans for Steve.

“This is unashamedly a tale of the supernatural, one with a gradually mounting sense of menace and a carefully laid-out plot, but the strength of the story lies in the reality of the people, the motives and urges that drive them on to act as they do” – Peter Tennant, Black Static magazine.