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Golden Girl (The Hollywood Nights series Book 1)


  • Mary Kennedy


  • Coming of Age
  • New Adult & College
  • Teen & Young Adult
Young, rich, and drop-dead gorgeous, Amber Fielding is the darling of South Beach. Her family owns the legendary Fieldings Hotel and she's the spokesmodel for a line of designer clothes and cosmetics. She mingles with celebrities and her world is filled with private jets and fabulous yachts. Yet Amber feels lonely and yearns for something more.

When she meets enigmatic Nick Crawford, she falls hard. Nick comes from a different world. Smart, tough and ambitious, he plans to make it big as a documentary filmmaker. Nick confides that he's shooting a film about "the beautiful people" in historic South Beach. Is he telling the truth--or does he have a hidden agenda? Nick could be just what Amber is looking for--or he could blow her world apart.

This book was originally titled Secrets of a South Beach Princess.