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Doctors in Hell (Heroes in Hell)


  • Janet Morris
  • Chris Morris
  • Deborah Koren
  • Andrew P. Weston
  • Joe Bonadonna
  • Rob Hinkle
  • Bill Snider
  • Michael H. Hanson
  • Matthew Kirshenblatt
  • Paul Freeman


  • Historical
  • Paranormal & Urban
Myth and legend. Historical fantasy. Literature. Horror. Demonology and Satanism. Urban fantasy. Damned souls wail as plagues wreak havoc, doctors up their fees, snake-oil salesmen make a killing, and Satan turns his hit-man loose. Be there when Erra, the Babylonian plague god, and his seven personified weapons, spread terror throughout the underverse!

Victor Frankenstein and Quasimodo develop a vaccine -- with diabolical results...

Satan looses Daemon Grim, the Devil's personal hit man, and damned souls cower...

Bat Masterson finds himself caught between plague victims and Wyatt Earp...

Judas learns you can't teach an old dog new sins...

Calamity Jane and her Sinchester carbine defend hell's last uninfected outpost...

Nietzsche and Lilith, Adam's first wife, face the Beast and come to fiendish accord...

Doc Holliday tries one last gambit, and unleashes all hell's fury...

And there's worse to come, even an excerpt from bestselling author Andrew P. Weston's forthcoming Heroes in Hell novel! If you think life is tough, try the afterlife, where the doctor is always wrong, sinners never win, misery runs amok, and all hell's damned get their just deserts -- eternally.