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Sins Dyed In Blood: The Lost Pirate of Blackbeard's Golden Age


  • Paul Brown


  • Americas
  • World
Edward Robinson was a British pirate who sailed with Blackbeard during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 1700s. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, local legend says he fled to sea after slitting a man's throat and dumping the body in the river. Robinson crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean and the Americas, where he lived under a black flag, attacking ships, plundering gold, and murdering those who got in his way. In 1718, he was captured and sentenced to death by hanging in Charleston, South Carolina. "You caused your terror to be on all that haunt the sea," his Judge told him, "and your sins are dyed in blood." Almost 300 years later, Robinson has been virtually forgotten, and his story obscured by pirate myths and clich├ęs. Was he really a murderous sea-robber, and did he deserve his brutal fate? Paul Brown retraces Robinson's voyages on a quest to uncover the true swashbuckling story of the Newcastle Pirate.

A Superelastic Single Shot: longer than a magazine article, shorter than a full-length book, 12,000 words = approx 70 mins reading time.