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Dining Out Around The Solar System Part One


  • Clare O'Beara


  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian
This is Part One of the full-length book. This part is also contained within the complete book as originally published.
In a future where giant corporations run countries, all British Space Mines has to fear are journalists and hackers.
Donal and Myron are their worst nightmare.
When people from offworld races open ethnic restaurants in London, they meet a lot of opposition.
Donal and Myron are their best friends.
The London's Eye zine has vacancies.
What do you think happened to their other reporters?

Donal, an Irish lad, and Myron, a Cockney-Jamaican mix, meet aged seventeen as book reviewers and trainee journalists with zine London's Eye. Before long they're onto the hottest stories in London.
In their future, Stansted Airport has been converted to a space shuttle base and Londoners are recruited to mine the asteroids.
While exploring the other planets, we found that they were all inhabited. Now those people are coming to Earth and looking for work. They're also opening ethnic restaurants in central London.
This first part of the story includes Donal and Myron's participation in the System Summit.
The full book is a standalone read and is followed by DINING OUT WITH THE ICE GIANTS and DINING OUT WITH THE GAS GIANTS.
"If you enjoy suspense stories with science fiction twists, I believe you will find Dining Out Around the Solar System by Clare O’Beara to be your five-star cup of tea."
D.S. Kane, author of Swiftshadow, Bloodridge and Greynet in the Spies Lie series.

By the Amazon No.1 Bestselling author of MURDER AGAINST THE CLOCK and MURDER AT IRISH MENSA.
Clare O'Beara won the Arkady Renko short story competition held by Simon & Schuster in 2014 and judged by Martin Cruz Smith.
"Please congratulate Clare O'Beara for me for her clever short, short story 'London Calling.' I appreciate that she treated Arkady kindly, taking his age into consideration, and managed to cross the finish line with a different sort of twist."
- Martin Cruz Smith.