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The Touch of a Shadow


  • Chéri Vausé


  • Crime
  • Crime Fiction
Just as Esther Charlemagne has discovered happiness with her partner and now husband, Aiden "Mac" McManus, a grisly killer from a murder case, which the couple worked five years earlier, in 1959, returns to threaten her. For their own protection, the FBI flies Esther and Mac, together with others involved in the case, to a remote safe house where Esther is forced to face what happened on that fateful day, five years ago. Although it's the last thing she wants to do, she finds herself recalling every detail of the case, as the US Attorney deposes each witness. Knowing that the murderer has unlimited resources and has vowed to kill his beloved Esther, Mac decides to leave his wife in the safe hands of the FBI and find the killer before he has a chance to reach her.