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An Uncertain Faith (A Rocky Row Novel Book 1)


  • Allie Potts


  • Contemporary
  • Cozy
  • Detective
Be careful what you wish for. You never know who might listen. 

Charlotte yearned for the life she had before marriage and motherhood--a life of no laundry except her own and full command of the remote control--if only for an hour. That is, she did, until the day she came home to an empty house, turning her guilty daydream into her worst nightmare. 

Now, everyone is ready to believe her husband left her, taking their young son with him. Everyone, that is, except Charlotte, who is determined to solve the mystery of her missing family. 

Will Charlotte be able to prove those around her wrong? Or is her faith as misplaced as is her son and husband? 

An Uncertain Faith is a fast-paced inspiring read and cozy family mystery filled with relatable characters for anyone who also often finds themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.