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Shadows of the Lost Child


  • Ellie Stevenson


  • Historical
  • Supernatural
  • Murder
  • Paranormal
Aleph moves into a haunted house, once a school, but is the house haunted or is it just him? Because Aleph faced a tragedy and now he hears the children cry. But are the children alive or dead?

Tom and Louise used to go to the school in Victorian England, but Louise has vanished along with some friends and Tom is worried they might all be dead.

Then Tom meets Alice who can travel through time, and the past and the present begin to collide... with fatal consequences.

This is a ghost story, and a death that happened over a century ago. And a mystery. Can you solve it? Inspired by the legends of York, England.

Categories: haunted house mysteries, Victorian gothic mystery, Victorian mysteries, Victorian murder mysteries, gothic novel, time travel novels, gothic mysteries, English ghost stories