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Shadows of the Lost Child


  • Ellie Stevenson


  • Historical
  • Supernatural
  • Murder
  • Paranormal
The Present

Aleph Jones is running away but the house he ends up in turns out to be haunted. Or is it just him? For Aleph has a dark secret that’s changed his life.

Cressida Sewell needs Aleph’s help. Her daughter, Alice refuses to speak and a team of specialists don’t know why. But Cressida has a hidden agenda and Alice knows more than she’s letting on. About Aleph.

Guinevere James is not what she seems. Disguised as Aleph’s business client, she really wants to solve a murder that happened over a century ago.

And what about the children who vanished? Aleph and Alice can hear them scream.

The Past

Miranda and Thomas live in poverty. Miranda wants to protect her mother but when she seeks help from friends Ben and Tom, they set on a path to even more trouble.

Then Tom meets Alice and the past and the present begin to collide with dangerous consequences.

Can Tom solve the mystery in time?

Inspired by the legends of York.

Categories: haunted house mysteries, Victorian gothic mystery, Victorian mysteries, Victorian murder mysteries, gothic novel, time travel novels, gothic mysteries, English ghost stories