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The Lottery


  • Eden Baylee


  • Romantic
  • Literary
  • Romance
  • Romantic Erotica
A most unusual lottery occurs in the Land of Smiles.

Westerner, Sierra Zhao, travels abroad and finds herself immersed in a culture with values very different to her own. Set in an exotic red-light district of Thailand, THE LOTTERY explores themes of sacrifice, friendship, and eroticism.

" the tale unfolds is definitely not something you come across every romance novel..." - Diantha Jones
"...a woman explores her need to experience life outside the constraints of normalcy..." - Beach Bum Books
"...enjoyed the mixture of romance and sizzling erotic scenes..." - Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews

This novella is included in SPRING INTO SUMMER with: A Season for Everything | Unlocking the Mystery | Summer Solstice. (Each sold separately)