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The Ghost in the Closet (A Tale of Andor)


  • M. K. Theodoratus


  • Ghosts
  • Women Sleuths
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
5***** Reviews: "not your usual take on a ghost story" & "a fast paced plot with well described scenes and characters."

Dumdie Swartz’s ability to see ghosts has gotten her into scrapes all her life, ever since she was little. In her senior years, it takes its toll when she gets fired from her job and loses her apartment as a result of her gift. Now homeless, Dumdie is forced to sleep in her car in a shopping mall car park.

When she gets the chance of a room in an old house that has been transformed into a shelter she jumps at the opportunity to sleep in a comfy bed once more, but she cannot escape from the dead. Just when it looks like her life is beginning to turn around, the ghost of the former occupant of her room reaches out for her assistance to find her will and save the shelter.

Dumdie is forced into a choice. Should she risk upsetting the rest of the occupants by helping the spirit to find peace?. Or, should she ignore the ghost and walk away, allowing the shelter to close?

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