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Sabrina's Vampire (Paranormal Romance): Book 1


  • A K Michaels


  • Paranormal
  • Urban
  • Vampires
  • Fantasy

I’ve ran from the only life I’ve known, disgraced, alone, and with no idea how to carry on. I was certain I could lose myself in ‘Sin City’, but I’ve ended up in trouble on my first night.

I was stupid, getting drunk and allowing myself to be backed into an alley … even my years of police training won’t get me out of this. I won’t go down without a damn fight, but I know I’ll lose against the thugs closing in on me …


I hear her scream a moment before her scent comes to me on the night air. So tantalizing, so damn alluring, and she’s in trouble. I have to help a damsel in distress … don’t I?

It’s nothing to do with the way she looks, or how much I want to kiss her before I sink my fangs inside her soft skin while I do other delectable things to her body. No, I’m just going to the aid of a woman in need.

Only … I’m not.