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The Faery Bride (The Celtic Legends Series Book 2)


  • Lisa Ann Verge


  • Mythology & Folk Tales
  • Paranormal
  • Psychics
  • Witches & Wizards
  • Fairy Tales
A RITA finalist from Lisa Ann Verge, the multiple-award-winning author of historical and paranormal romance.

"Let yourself be swept away by the utterly enchanting atmosphere of a best-loved fairytale, and you’ll find yourself caught in Ms. Verge’s marvelous, magical tale. As always the author delivers a book that is uniquely wonderful."
--Romantic Times

"An exciting, fast-paced medieval romance. LISA ANN VERGE is on the verge of climbing to the top of this genre, a position she definitely deserves.
--Affaire de Coeur

Wales, 1272

Rhys is a man accursed, forced to hide his scarred face behind a leather mask. When rumors reach Wales of an Irishwoman with healing powers, he crosses a sea to kidnap her. But Aileen is no frightened girl, and she will move the Welsh lord as no blue-blooded beauty ever has.

Possessed with the gift of ancient magic, Aileen knows her captor is a man more afflicted in spirit than flesh. She despises him for stealing her from home, but she can’t deny the passion that flares between them. Time may heal the scars on Rhys’s face . . . but Aileen fears it will take a miracle to change his unbelieving heart.

Finalist "Best Innovative Romance" -- RT Book Reviews
Finalist, "Best Time Travel Romance" -- Affaire de Coeur
Finalist, "RITA" for "Best Paranormal Romance -- Romance Writers of America