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The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset One: European Crime Mysteries


  • JJ Marsh


  • Contemporary Women
  • International Mystery & Crime
  • Women's Fiction
  • Crime
  • Detective

Meet Beatrice Stubbs, your new favorite detective

For lovers of intelligent crime fiction, three heart-racing adventures through Europe

Beatrice Stubbs: detective inspector, metaphor mixer and stubborn survivor.

“This is crime writing with intelligence, conscience and heart.”

"For those who like their crime with a lighter, less gruesome touch."

"If you've not yet read a Beatrice Stubbs book, I envy you. What a treat you have in store."

Also available as paperback

˃˃˃ Behind Closed Doors

“Did their conscience get to them? Or did someone else?”

An unethical banker suffocates. A diamond dealer slits his wrists. A media magnate freezes in the snow. A disgraced CEO inhales exhaust fumes. Four unpopular businessmen, four apparent suicides. Until Interpol find the same DNA at each death.

Beatrice Stubbs arrives in Switzerland to lead the investigation. There’s more to Zürich than chocolate and charm. Potential suspects are everywhere, her Swiss counterpart is hostile and the secretive world of international finance seems beyond the law. Battling impossible odds by day and her own demons at night, Beatrice has never felt so alone.

She isn’t. Someone’s watching.

Someone who believes in justice, if not the law.

“Hooked from the start and couldn't put this down. Superb, accomplished and intelligent writing. Ingenious plotting paying as much attention to detail as the killer must.” - Book Reviews Plus

“I heartily recommend this as an exciting and intelligent read for fans of crime fiction.”- Judging Covers

˃˃˃ Raw Material

Bank Holiday weekend. Sunrise on a secluded Welsh beach and Beatrice Stubbs takes some innocent snaps. The scene contains more than just cliffs and seagulls, and someone wants those pictures destroyed. But Beatrice’s mind is on other things.

Assigned to the London Transport Police, she’s pursuing the Finsbury Park Flasher, trying to pre-empt a serious sexual offence. While Beatrice is distracted, friend Adrian and companion Matthew decide to play Poirot, and investigate the mystery of the disappearing photographs. Amateur detectives and professional criminals are a dangerous mix.

From deserted Pembrokeshire beaches, through the shadowy underpasses of North London, to the remote Irish countryside, Beatrice discovers the darker side of human nature.

“The characters leap off the page, the prose is witty and intelligent, and the plot twists keep you hooked till the last.” Barbara Scott Emmett, author of Don’t Look Down

“... what starts out as a light-hearted caper turns into something horribly grim. The truth is more terrible than Matthew, Adrian, or even Beatrice, could ever have imagined and the final chapters are heart-stoppingly moving and exciting.” ”" Chris Curran, author of Mindsight

˃˃˃ Tread Softly

“You don’t attract trouble. You go looking for it.”

Disheartened by her recent performance, Beatrice Stubbs takes a sabbatical from the Metropolitan Police for a gourmet tour of Northern Spain. In Vitoria, she encounters a distant acquaintance. Beautiful, bloody-minded journalist Ana Herrero is onto a story.

Beatrice, scenting adventure, offers her expertise. The two women are sucked into a mystery of missing persons, violent threats, mutilated bodies and industrial-scale fraud. They are out of their depth. With no official authority and unsure who to trust, they find themselves up to their necks in corruption, blackmail and Rioja.

Beatrice calls for the cavalry. The boys are back, and this time, it’s a matter of taste. But when her instincts prove fallible, Beatrice discovers that justice is a matter of interpretation.

“Read this on a Vitoria balcony with a glass of white Rioja, a plate of pintxos and the next Beatrice Stubbs to accompany them.” ”"

Annemarie Neary, author of A Parachute in the Lime Tree

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