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The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset One: Eye-opening mysteries in sensational places


  • JJ Marsh


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Truth is a wild beast.
Approach with patience and zeal, else it eludes you.

Beatrice has developed a delicate nose for lies. It gets the old hound into trouble all the time - with criminals, Scotland Yard politics and even her friends.

She loves a laugh and cherishes good life. But watch out if she catches wind of injustice...

Comedy, tragedy and adventure await you in the first three Beatrice mysteries:

Behind Closed Doors
Breathe pure air in the Swiss alps and join Interpol to hunt a poetic serial killer through ice and snow. Beatrice encounters loneliness, hostile local police and a tainted view through Chagall windows.

Raw Material
Feel the wind in your hair on wild Welsh beaches and peep through cameras of the London Underground. From the city to the sea ... Beatrice crosses paths with merciless smugglers, a pungent pervert and almighty amazons.

Tread Softly
Twinkle through a midsummernight's dream of Basque vineyards, medieval streets and drool-inducing food. Beatrice is on sabbatical in Spain and up to her neck in missing persons, murder and Rioja.

If you enjoy Kate Atkinson, Patricia Highsmith or Sue Grafton, you'll love Boxset One.

You get three standalone novels, each brimming with the inimitable culture of its locale. Crimes and storylines are 100% fresh - even Beatrice's sidekick varies in every book.

Are you ready to be surprised? Meet Beatrice now.

What readers are saying:
"If you've never encountered Beatrice, you have the most almighty thrill coming."

"So refreshing to find a heroine as fabulous and flawed as the rest of us."

"Not since Miss Marple have I warmed so much to a female detective as to Beatrice Stubbs."

Discover Beatrice Stubbs - detective inspector, metaphor mixer and stubborn survivor:
1. Behind Closed Doors (Switzerland)
2. Raw Material (England/Wales)
3. Tread Softly (Basque County, Spain)
4. Cold Pressed (The Greek Islands)
5. Human Rites (Germany)
6. Bad Apples (Portugal)
7. Snow Angel (England)
8. Honey Trap (Italy)
9. Black Widow (France; coming soon)
Plus the exclusive free prequel for newsletter subscribers: Black Dogs, Yellow Butterflies