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The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset One: Heart-racing European crime fiction


  • JJ Marsh


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Beatrice Stubbs of Scotland Yard: detective inspector, metaphor mixer and stubborn survivor. Battling crime by day and her own demons by night, the question remains: justice or the law?

Behind Closed Doors sees Beatrice seconded to Switzerland. Wealthy, powerful men are committing suicide. Or are they? When the same DNA is found at each scene, DI Stubbs suspects someone is dispensing a personal retribution. Beneath the chocolate and charm, Zurich hides many secrets.

In Raw Material, Beatrice is divided. Hunting a sex offender on London Underground while trying to investigate illegal activity on a Welsh beach stretches her to her limits. Her partner and neighbour decide to assist. But amateur detectives and professional criminals make a bad mix.

Time for a sabbatical in Tread Softly. A gourmet trip to the north of Spain is exactly what DI Stubbs needs. Until she meets an old acquaintance who lures her into an investigation. Beatrice is up to her neck in missing persons, murder, corruption and Rioja.

Also available as paperback

What readers say:

If you've never encounteredBeatrice, you have the most almighty thrill coming - and this box setmeans that you can read all of the first three right away."

"If you like Agatha Christie-type whodunnits you'll love JJ Marsh's Beatrice Stubbs novels."

"So refreshing to find a heroine as fabulous and flawed as the rest of us."

"Buy this now and settle in for a fabulous European crime journey from the comfort of your armchair."