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Dirty Tricks (romantic comedy)


  • Xandra James


  • Contemporary
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Holidays
  • Romance
Dirty Tricks by Xandra James

All's fair in love and war...but when you play dirty, all bets are off!

She wanted revenge.
Cat needs to sabotage the renovation of the old house next door—her former family home which was stolen from her grandmother years ago—before the money-hungry owner makes money off it. She's willing to whatever it takes to stop the construction work...which may or may not include pretending she's the ghostly Lady in White to scare off the workers! But meeting the sexy, new 'man in charge' puts a completely different slant on things and the dirty tricks she's playing become decidedly personal.

He wanted her.
Millionaire Jay had his recently deceased father to thank for the almost dilapidated manor house he now owned. To move on with his life, he means to fix it, flip it, and make a hefty profit on the property. So when ghostly happenings bring his build to a halt, he has his new, beautiful neighbour to thank for it, apparently. Going undercover as a site manager, he means to get to the bottom of why she has it in for the real him. But as the pranks bring them closer, keeping his true identity from her might just screw up his plan of forever when she finds out his secret...

Warning: This story contains a large orange cat called Elvis, a fake ghost called Cat, a sizzling hot romance, and may cause you to crack a smile.

** This story is a contemporary romance / romantic comedy / chick lit / women's fiction novella with an enemies to lovers/revenge theme and is set in England. It's a humorous millionaire romance. It's been re-edited, extended and published with a new cover. **