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I Am Called Ranjit: None


  • Bev Clarke


  • Literary
  • Literary Fiction
After meeting twenty five years earlier on a Bombay bound flight where she had a twelve month work assignment, Christine Bonnett and the very successful Vijay Mahajan meet again in November 2008 when she returns to Bombay on holiday, hoping to find to find the homeless boy Ranjit whom she had befriended. She discovers that Vijay’s marriage to his Italian born wife is a marriage in name only, and when the terrorists strike, she and Vijay find themselves sequestered in his flat for seven days where he professes his love for her; a love he has carried in his heart since the first day they had met. However the complexities of Indian life and its ancient traditions threaten to thwart their blossoming relationship because Christine does not fit into the perception of what an Indian wife should be or should look like. Love prevails and her life is prosperous and fulfilling, but she finds the way of life too bureaucratic and stressful, and in a strange twist of fate, she also finds Ranjit who is alive and well. When tragedy befalls the family, she knows she can never leave Vijay’s side, for only through her love, strength and devotion, has he managed to pull himself out of the dark deep abyss.