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Silks And Sins


  • Clare O'Beara


  • Sports
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Suspense
Geri and Jackie O’Keane inherit their father’s riding stables in Ireland and, both business women, set about modernising, including a website. When Jackie meets Valentine Murney, a rising star in the flat racing world, her life appears complete. Val, who admits that he’s no saint, is dedicated, good looking, kind, and a great lover. Jackie sets her sights on the highly competitive 'most stylish lady' raceday prizes. Meanwhile Geri is drifting towards her own relationship.
But when two spiteful stable girls tell Jackie that her jockey boyfriend has been sleeping with someone else, she faces making a decision which might be the greatest mistake of her life.
By the Amazon No. 1 Bestselling author of MURDER AGAINST THE CLOCK and MURDER AT IRISH MENSA.
Clare O'Beara won the Arkady Renko short story competition held by Simon & Schuster in 2014 and judged by Martin Cruz Smith.
"Please congratulate Clare O'Beara for me for her clever short, short story 'London Calling.' I appreciate that she treated Arkady kindly, taking his age into consideration, and managed to cross the finish line with a different sort of twist."
- Martin Cruz Smith.